Dr. Stephan Kern

Born in 1956

1976 – 1981
Study of law at the universities of Mainz, Lausanne and Munich

1982 – 1985
Trainee lawyer in the Higher Regional Court district of Munich as well as professional stints in Beverly Hills and Paris and one term studying at the University of Administrative Sciences Speyer

PhD thesis on »Taxation of foreigners in Great Britain on remittance basis« with Prof Dr Christoph Trzaskalik at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (published with C. H. Beck in Munich under the title: »Steuervorteile durch Wohnsitz in Großbritannien« (tax advantages through domicile in Great Britain)

1985 – 1986
Graduate civil servant on the law panel of Dresdner Bank Frankfurt

Admission to the bar in December 1986
Authorised for all local and regional courts as well as higher regional courts throughout Germany

Joined the law firm Dr Kern, Councellour of Justice

Partner in his father’s law firm

Other activities

Speaker of the council of economic advisors of the CDU, Mainz-Bingen division (since 1993)

Member of the supervisory board of VR-Bank Mainz e. G. (since 1994) and vice-chairman since 2002

Member of the Rotary Club Mainz 50° North (since 1994)

Member of the board of trustees of the cathedral’s building association Mainz (since 1999)

Member as well as member of the board on the board of trustees of the culture foundation of Mainz enterprises (since 1999)

Member of the board of trustees of the Friends of the University of Mainz