Medical law / medical malpractice law

Adequate and qualified consulting services relating to medical malpractice law require sound knowledge of insurance law. Apart from a legal assessment, an understanding of the medical facts and the involvement of medical experts is essential. Only this way the rights of the doctor, the dentist, the hospital or the company providing third party insurance can be enforced and unjustified allegations against the medical practitioner can be denied.

We are convinced that our focus on representing doctors and their insurance companies is necessary to enforce their interests credibly and with sustainable effectiveness.

In the field of liability for medical malpractice we have long-time experience in advising and representing well-known hospitals, doctors, dentists and insurance companies in matters relating to liability, damages and compensation.

We also provide consulting services to doctors and dentists regarding forms of contract, e.g. for setting up surgery partnerships or joint surgeries, as well as chief physician contracts. We act as legal representatives for medical licence problems up to the Federal Administrative Court of Germany.

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