Property law

Property and real estate law raises numerous questions regarding the purchase, use or utilisation of property.

Most contracts related to property require notarisation.

We advise you in preparation of any such notarisation.

This in particular includes the examination of deeds of purchase for (built-up) land and owner-occupied flats as well as the preparation of such deeds.

In addition, we provide advice on settlements both in and out of court of disputes resulting from any such documents or any other legal property-related problems. This also comprises consultancy services and your representation as a creditor in issues relating to the utilisation of property.

One example is the entry of judgment liens or the collection of securities in your favour due to compulsory auction, like land charges or mortgages secured on the property.

Finally, we also advise and represent you in matters of so-called »neighbour law«, for example in case of adverse effects on your property caused by neighbours or third parties.

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